This blog is a blend of things. It’s a place filled with simple joys. Of good friends and food; of travels and dreaming. Of love and life and hope in Jesus Christ. It’s a place where adventures are shared and where the beating of my heart comes to life. For you.

My story was made better the day I met my husband, a wonderful man of God who challenges me, encourages me, and loves me like there’s no tomorrow. He is my best friend and always will be. We laugh, dream, and adventure together like little kids.

I love to play. I love playing in mountains and lakes, rivers and forests. I love hiking and biking, climbing and snow sports. I also love people. From the friends and family inherited at YD to those I’ve met along the way, I am blessed in the way of love, joy and wisdom surrounding me. The journey is so much sweeter because of their honesty and their trust, their prodding and their support. Thank you, my friends! I hope to always gift you with love, as you have gifted me.

xoxo Becky


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