A trip to spring and back


It didn’t necessarily make sense, but we did it anyways. We went ahead and traveled to spring and back, returning Friday to the white, winter wonderland once more. This time last week, we were out in the sunshine, tank tops and all, feet free from the constraints of sloppy, winter boots worn day in, day out, for the past five months. I skipped and ran, feeling the gravel beneath my soles and the cool wind hitting my ankles, weakened over time from the lack of support in my tall, lace-up boots. It was magical! 



The best part of our break, of course, was not the renewed pep in my step, but the onslaught of love and laughter coming from friends and family who took us in for a meal or a few days, catching up like old times. Pete’s mom and dad (“Grannie” and “Papa” now) filled our love tank, as we feasted on togetherness and Grannie’s home cookin’. The girls even had a little fun, doing our nails and hitting the local spa for facials and Cran-mosas, boutique hopping along the way. 

And the kids. Oh, these kids. They are the apple of my eye! Every hug and “I love you” adds a year to my life!





The lot of us drove a scenic six miles deep into the country to visit a local farm that boasted fresh accolades for its artisan goat cheese. Word was, you could just grab a round of cheese from the outside refrigerator and leave cash in a bucket. The good, old honor system. Well, I can tell you, it was the best goat’s cheese I’ve ever had. Hands down. I do wish I took some home with me to share.




As our last ditch effort to savor time together, we took a late evening trip to the beach with the folks, where the sun stretched near the horizon, teasing us through the clouds without a fair sunset. 




It was a refreshing trip to spring, alright. Darn good. We’re so grateful to our family and friends whose love is rich and satisfying, pure and lovely. Thank you for your prayers and support in this journey to Montana. We are alive and well. Every day is an adventure. And we never know when we’ll have work. But God has continued to provide. So we wait. And wait. Hard as it is, we are getting stronger. 


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