Monthly Archives: April 2011

Understanding Today’s Youth


If there is one thing that I know about youth, it is that they have different felt needs and cultural pulls than adults do. I have to admit, it’s often hard to recall what it was like during those years, with all of the fears and insecurities, the cliques and labels, the disappointment in self and others. But that lack of insight just pushes me to put everything into trying to understand today’s youth through any resource I can collect!

Last year, I picked up The Youth Builder by Jim Burns and Mike DeVries. It’s been a great resource, with chapters titled: Understanding Today’s YouthRelational Evangelism, andIdeas for Creative Communication, among others. It’s incredibly helpful and encouraging. The other day, I picked it up again and read that experience, self-discovery, and response are essential elements of communicating with youth. I couldn’t agree more. I mean, I can relate! Even if my pastor shares a phenomenal message, I am apt to lose it unless I actively dialogue about it within the next 24 hours. Hearing the truth isn’t always enough. There needs to be time to process the message, to link it to our own lives, and to own it.

I truly believe YD Adventures’ style of ministry is built upon those elements. We create the experience:

… while the aspect of risk and challenge engages the mind toward self-discovery:


Meanwhile, relationships build and trust grows in the midst of the adventure:

… all to prepare hearts for a response, with the hope they will let Christ in.

And yet, it’s not about us. We just put together the platform and do our part, letting God work in these young hearts, despite all we do to get in the way. May we be a people of submission and obedience, going where we are called, without regard to our lack of wisdom or eloquence, but with a hope in the Lord that surpasses all understanding. Glory to God forever and ever, Amen!