Monthly Archives: March 2011

Two months to go!


It’s mid-March, and the turn of summer seems right around the bend. And as we all know, summer is “go” time for YD Adventures. That’s when we put all of those months of planning and preparation into action, when we meet up with groups and interact with youth in the midst of a grand adventure.

It’s a bit intimidating for me right now. And I’m not sure why. I’ve been a part of the ministry for the last two summers, which means I’m fairly familiar with the system. Yet this year is different. In the past, I just showed up in May, ready to be used and exhausted for a fast five months. Now that I am a year-round staff, I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into planning this next season. I’ve prayed; I’ve fasted. I’ve enjoyed countless meetings with our small team of six.[Truthfully, every hour and every minute has been a joy.]

But I have high hopes. I want to see more youth join us this year. Not because we need to pay the bills, or because I directly qualify my efforts for measures of success or failure. But because I genuinely want more youth to experience the Gospel of Christ in a way that makes sense to them. Of all we do at YD Adventures, that is what matters most.

Yet I think it’s OK to have high hopes. For my hope is in the Lord, and it is His plan and His ministry that I am stewarding. So long as I surrender our plans to the Lord and let Him lead, all will be as He intends, Amen? With that said, I know the best thing I can do for this ministry is pray. I would love it if you joined me in this. Please pray for fruit this summer. For life-altering decisions for Christ in the youth we encounter. For hearts that are receptive to receiving God’s Word and truth. And for the floodgates of God’s glory to open! If you’re ever wondering how you can be praying for me, please check out my personal prayer page.  Thank you for your prayers, my friends. Your support and your love are an encouragement to my soul!