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Come Awake


Friends holding hands!

Last week, somewhere around Easter, I found myself in the book of Matthew, reading about the life of Jesus – namely, the moments leading up to his arrest. It was a fascinating read, on many accounts. Firstly, because it seemed so real to me. For as much as I believe the stories in the Bible are all real, sometimes it’s easy to displace the events as fable, simply because it reads like fable.

Yet the more I read the Bible, the more real it gets. Jesus did walk the land. He was born to a virgin, performed miracles, suffered a long, grueling death, and rose three days later as our King. Seems a far-fetched, made-up story, doesn’t it?

I'm alive because I'm alive in You!


At first glance, yes. However, if you were to dig your way through the scriptures, you would see that this “story” was predicted to occur  – many times over. In fact, there are approximately 2,500 prophesies, or predictions, in the pages of the Bible, and currently, about 2,000 of these have come true. That’s wild, isn’t it? Especially when you consider that these predictions were specific and bazaar and, in many cases, seen as farce.

In the end, when Christ returns, I imagine all 2,500 prophecies will have come true. I don’t think I could have said this a decade ago. I didn’t get it, because I didn’t spend time reading about it. I didn’t know God’s character then, and I certainly didn’t comprehend the stories that were foundational to one’s faith. Which explains why my faith was so shallow then.

Thing is, I don’t have it all figured out now. I still have questions, and I still get caught up in the “simple logic” of things, but I am owning my faith and learning. I can’t rely on someone else to tell me what to believe or not. It is my relationship with Christ that brings me to the cross, where I am humbled by His love and His grace, awakened to the Truth, and alive in Him.

p.s. Please enjoy this fantastic video and song of “Come Awake” performed by Matt Maher. I’ve watched it/listened to it/sung it in my head every day since Easter. So good!