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My So-Called Life


Earlier this month, I was the Managing Editor at a well-known weekly called Portland Picks, an online publication with about 25,000 dedicated subscribers. I was also the Marketing & PR Coordinator for a local events firm. On the one hand, I was working the reins of an IT news source for in-the-know city girls. And on the other, I was pulling in a decent paycheck and fueling the fire to succeed and Be Great. They were good jobs. But that was then.

Today I accepted a full-time “job” with an outdoor youth ministry called YD Adventures. Praise God! I get to channel all my passions into one job – backpacking, rock climbing and whitewater rafting, plus writing, marketing and relational follow up – with teens, no less!


Had it been paid, it would have seemed a perfect, made-for-me position. But the job isn’t paid. Well, not really. I have the joy of support-raising my entire income. Ask me about it sometime. It’s quite a shift in thinking! The best part: I get to be a part of something I truly believe in. And in that, I feel great joy and peace.

Still, I remember thinking: Normal people don’t do this. But, to clarify, this wasn’t my doing. It wasn’t a product of my searching. Doors closed, new ones opened. My heart was changed. (That’s another blog, altogether!) I plan on sharing all the details, right here on these very pages. I would be honored if you stayed abreast of the journey.

In all truth, I can’t do this alone. Nor was I meant to. So far, I’ve been surrounded by a family of supporters who have uplifted and strengthened me, but I need YOUR love and prayers, too. I thank you, in advance. xo


Made with Love


In my kitchen, baking occurs only on rare occasion. Not because it is an effort too great, but because it is generally an act conducted out of love. It requires a cause, a person, and a real commitment of the heart.

Whoever said love was the finest ingredient in a recipe knows what I mean. Take cupcakes, for example. In my case, each cupcake receives a great deal of personal attention and handiwork (thanks to a cupboard full of party sprinkles!). I frost and sprinkle, taking great care to make each one unique. In the end, I so adore them that I wish to individually gift each one to my friends.

Even when the frosting is spread too thin, the sprinkles asymmetrically clumped, and the cake, itself, lumpy and lopsided, each production is valued as art. It’s like God’s love for us. As our creator, he values us for who we are, lumps and all.

So the next time you receive a batch of cookies, a tin of cupcakes or a homemade pie, remember that it was made with love. Like you.

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